Why Is Animal Testing Important To Human Life

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Is animal testing vital to human life? Throughout history, many diseases have plagued humanity. Luckily, early scientists implemented an experimental method known as animal testing. “Animal testing allows for the creation of vaccines and as a result provides many benefits to humans” (Sun 84). This approach would allow researchers to test possible cures on animals before administering them to humans. This technique protects people from the possible fatal side effects. This process would become highly sought after as it helped in providing several medications that would control, prevent or cure many diseases. One might suggest that animal testing is cruel or unjust, but it is precisely the opposite. Animal testing must continue due to many associated …show more content…

What is longevity? Longevity referred to the time in which a person would live from birth to death. In the 20th century, the life expectancy of humans was less than forty-five years old. Imagine only living till forty-five. Before vaccines, the risk of death was extremely high. Many individuals would get sick and without the proper medicine or cure their chances of survival were slim. Thankfully, scientists began research with the aid of animals. These measures led to several vaccines that would save thousands of lives. Life expectancy rose as the number of vaccines rose. “Millions of people were immunized against smallpox, polio, and major childhood killers such as measles, which in turn, led to a sixty percent increase in children reaching adulthood between 1850-1900” (Living Longer). Animal testing throughout history has not only provided vaccines for millions of people but has also increased the longevity of human life. “An increase of thirty years has been added to the lifespans of Americans due to the creation of vaccines” (Vaccines.gov). “Since the 1920s, the life expectancy of humans in the United States has increased from sixty-five to eighty-five in the 2000s” (Living Longer). These statistics are irrefutable as animal testing has played a vital role in extending human life. Animal experiments have not only impacted the history of human beings but are currently still providing many advancements in medicine. Animal testing has undeniably produced vaccines for millions of people but has also drastically increased the lifespan of people in

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