Argumentative Essay: Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

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When putting on your lipstick, do you know what brand your lipstick is? If you are not aware, you might indirectly support animal testing without realizing it. Animal testing is a scientific experiment performed on animals to study the effects of drugs, cosmetic products and other chemical products on humans. In other words, it is used to evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs. About 1.4 million animals die each year because of animal testing. Science researches believe that products which have been tested on animals will make humans’ life better. However, the main concern on this issue is that animals are suffering from unnecessary pain. Animals are mostly exposed to radiation, forced to inhale poisonous gases and injected with harmful substances prior to the experiment. Thus, animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, the result is unreliable and expensive. Firstly, animal testing should be banned is because of its cruelty. The …show more content…

It is true that animal testing requires a lot of investment. Not only that money is spent on advanced technologies, it is also spent to pay for scientists’ expertise on this particular field. In order for the scientists to do their research, they need suitable equipment and substances. Every year, the National institutes of Health finances between $12 billion to $14.5 billion on animal testing as indicated in a study done by the government (Bastach, 2013). Besides, scientists need to consider the fact that animals need to be sheltered, fed and cared for to keep them alive. According to Murnaghan (2016), some companies breed and sell animals for the purpose of animal testing. Other than that, animal testing is done repeatedly to create an average for the purpose of accuracy. Since animal testing may happen more than once, additional cost may incurred. Therefore, besides losing more animals, we also lose an enormous amount of money on animal

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