Is Animal Testing Ethically?

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Is Animal Testing Justified Ethically? The idea and processes of animal testing and experimentation originated thousands of years ago. Back then it was only used for medical research and curiosity. Nowadays, animal testing and experimentation is used for a wide range of things; determining the effectiveness of a cancer treating drug or if a cosmetic product causes skin or eye irritation. For many years scientists used animal testing guilt-free and had made many medical advances using it’s methods. However, recently there have been more studies that suggest animal cognition. People such as animal activists have been fighting this animal abuse. Activists argue for the animal’s well-being for the alternatives, but there are benefits for humans from to animal testing, many medical advances have been made with it’s help. The question that emerged was if …show more content…

Animal testing and experimentation is not justified because animals are self aware, they remember pain and develop psychological disorders from constant experiments, their well-being is not in interest and there are research

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