Argumentative Essay: The Animal Bill Of Rights

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“Hey mom can you make some chicken tonight? No, son remember our government enacted the new animal bill of rights.¨ this is a conversation that one would not want to partake in because of how absurd soundsWell we are not far from a day where one would be participating in such a conversation due to the fact that people are trying to approve an Animal Bill of Rights. The Animal Bill of Rights would cause a lot of controversy and problems in the future. Animals do not deserve an Animal Bill of Rights due to the fact that: animals are a large source of our food, animals are needed to apply research based tests on, and lastly the Animal Bill of Rights should not dictate how we treat the pets that we own Humans have interacted with animals for years, but this Animal Bill of Rights will change the way we interact with them.. A common …show more content…

Animal testing is the act of testing products and medicines on rodents, chimpanzees, cats and etc. This is very controversial topic because most of the animal are testing on various times with no regard to their lives. After the animals are no longer able to be tested on they are put down. This is a terrible and inhumane act that is being committed by many major cosmetic companies and medicine researchers. The fact is that it is even worse to test all those products on human lives. The question that arises is: Would you rather have dead chimpanzees and rodents or dead people? According to Crystal R Lombardo author of “6 Major Pros And Cons Of Animal Research”, states that” If the drug is tested on an animal that is a close match to the human, and the drug is very effective, chances are the same results will duplicate for the human”(1). The statement is good news because animal testing can lead to cures of diseases. The life of a human is worth more than a couple of rats or chimpanzees that are used to test a

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