Animal Testing: Necessary Or Harmful?

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Can you imagine a world where pets don't exist? Where you can only find animals in labs for scientific reason? Animal testing is when scientist test products on animal for research. Also as well as it is harmful it is also ineffective because animals don't get any of the severe diseases that humans do (such as forms of cancer) so the symptoms are artificially put in these animals. Animal testing is not a reliable way to test medicines, animal testing is wasteful and dangerous, and above all animals are not like us.

To begin, Animal testing is not a reliable way to test medicines. According to Cruelty free international “It is not surprising to find that treatments showing ‘promise’ in animals rarely work in humans”. This shows that animals …show more content…

As it shows in the text (Cruelty free international), “Of over 1,000 potential stroke treatments that had been ‘successful’ in animal tests, only approximately 10% progressed to human trials.” This shows That none of these experiments work sufficiently on humans so it is a waste of money, to test things that don't work on humans while killing animals in the process. Also, according to One green Planet, alternative testing exist, “Bioengineering PhD student Alan Faulkner-Jones began pioneering the use of 3D printing to replace medical animal testing.” This show that there are already alternative options for medical testing. This means that we don't have to use those innocent animals for testing that doesn't even work on humans it's …show more content…

As I have been saying is that animals react differently and don't function with different diseases like the ones we get. And why are we implanting them into these animals and basically killing them just for it not to work on humans. Finally, According to Cruelty Free International, “90% of drugs fail in human trials despite promising results in animal tests – whether on safety grounds or because they do not work.’’ Over all animal testing is a bad thing and I hope it can stop

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