Arguments Against Animal Testing Research

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All animals truly deserve to lead happy and healthy lives, yet some creatures are subjected to harsh animal testing experiments. Evidence has proved that animal tests are unregulated and longer prove accurate results. Animal testing needs be illegal in the United States because it is truly inhumane and completely unnecessary. Animal testing has been used for many centuries now. In fact, testing of animals can be traced all the back to the early Greeks. For a time, animal testing was a groundbreaking tool into understanding complex diseases and how to combat them. Testing animals back then was still incredibly vile, but it was at least justified to a certain degree. Today, in 2016, animal testing is practically obsolete, yet tests are …show more content…

According to PETA, scientists have already discovered two safer alternatives like in vitro testing and human volunteer test. In vitro testing manipulates human cells and tissue to uncover new information. This method could replace the usage mice and guinea pigs from testing (intext). The other method is incredibly simple, yet smart. Human volunteering tests are preformed on people that volunteer to be tested on for money. This method may sound a little unorthodox to some, but these people are volunteers and have a say in the matter unlike the defenseless animals. These two simple changes could easily save the 100 million animals that are tested on each year. On top of saving the innocent animals, the human testing alternatives will finally produce accurate information. Most animal tests fail to translate to humans, but human testing will actually help uncover new information that will be beneficial to mankind. All in all, animal testing needs to come to an end because there are finally safer alternatives that do not have to end in animal

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