Animal Rights Research Paper

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For many years now, there has been many people wondering if animals should have rights and how we should treat them if every animal can feel just like us human beings. I feel like animals should have rights because reading all these articles about researchers talking about how animals feel pain when we hurt them or separate them from their families that the animals become emotionally destroyed through what we do.

“The petition calls out for the rights of all animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse and enumerates further rights for laboratory animals, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife”. At the same time there’s farm animals that are being treated really badly because of the way the food market is now, …show more content…

You think it’s a normal thing but it’s not, because now the farmers have to raise the farm animals in a different way and feed them something that makes them fat or something else. These meat owners don’t want anyone to see how they raise their farm animals because that’s how bad it is, they also tell the farmers to keep quiet which isn’t right. These animals start losing certain rights that they used to have before any meat company started owning the farms which mean the animals lost their rights to freedom and the way they're treated. At some certain point, you must ask yourself, “is it right what we’re doing to these poor …show more content…

Animal abuse is very common, people do it because they think that animals don’t feel any pain which is very cold hearted people. Imagine if you were a defenseless animal being abused by a human being and you're not able to defend yourself wouldn’t you be feeling pain and be scared? These animals that are being abused have feelings they're just like us they have feelings just like us. They should also have rights just like us this cruelty to animals has to stop now they’re just like us, we can’t treat them differently if we care about our pets and treat them like family why can’t we do the same with other

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