American Food Argumentative Essay

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Don’t even get me started on the American food industry! The american food industry is one of the only food industries in the whole wide world that favors money over the health of its citizens. The food that most Americans eat is processed crap, if you can even call it food! How many of you have eaten popcorn, chips, candy, or crackers in the last week? The amount of chemicals in the food we eat as a country on a daily basis is freaking ridiculous. Azodicarbonamide and Triacetin are just two chemicals found in our food. We should not need a doctorate degree in order to pronounce ingredients in the junk we call food. Not only is the food industry putting chemicals in our food, but the FDA is allowing these chemicals to g in our food without knowing the …show more content…

TBHQ is found in microscopic amounts in food products because it is extremely toxic and it only takes 5 grams of TBHQ to kill a human being. Food should die, and not have a shelf live of years. The American people are eating foods that are so processed, that they don’t even rot! The American food industry is also wrongly educating people on the food we eat. The “MyPlate” program promotes the unhealthy American diet. MyPlate teaches us to eat nearly the same amount of vegetables as grains. MyPlate teaches us that milk has nutritional benefits. MyPlate teaches us to eat meat for protein. The whole got milk thing is wrong, humans were not designed to drink milk. Cow milk is meant for calves, not for humans. Cow milk can actually cause health problems like asthma. I know you are all asking yourself “How does she expect us to get calcium?”. As a matter of fact, leafy green vegetables have more calcium in them than milk does. Meat. Eating meat is not terrible, as long as the animal was free range. Eating farmed meat can actually lead to health problems because the animals are plump filled with hormones. Chickens are as big as cattle. Unfortunately, I am not really

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