Informative Essay: The Food Industry In America

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The Food Industry The food industry is the worldwide diversified industry which has to do with anything relevant with food from food education to marketing but principally the industry produces and or provides food to essentially all people on the planet. The only people who are excluded from the food industry are self-sustaining farmers and hunter-gatherers. It is one of the largest industries in the world and continues to grow because people need food and the population is increasing every day. In America, the food industry possesses such an important role, yet there are so many problems within the industry which is ruining the society as we know it. Countless social issues within America today can be traced back to the food industry. Although …show more content…

Action must be taken by the food industry in order to start eliminating the problems that are causing the society to deteriorate. There are countless health issues within America that continue to grow due to the fact that the food industry is not regulating the food being provided and sole enough. Obesity and being overweight are one of the many social issues that can be linked back to the food industry. While it is true that there are cases of obesity and being overweight due to lack of exercise or genetics, it is primarily the food that cause people to gain excess weight. So many foods nowadays contain surplus amounts of calories, fats, and sugar which have a direct correlation to weight gain. Sugar especially is the culprit when it comes to health problems from food. Sugars are addictive empty calories providing no nutritional value thus causing you to over eat and intake excess calories which will turn into fat. Studies even show that the consumption of sugar can cause endorphins to be released into the brain as a reward system or to feel good from the sugar consumed, which causes you to eat more. It is

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