When A Crop Is King Michael Pollan Analysis

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Food production has become a problem in america because food companies selling fast food to america and its unhealthy for us. America should also be aware that marketing fast food and snacks that's is unhealthy to children will lead to obesity. Kids need to stop eating fast food because they are getting desicise with they are too young to get. Children are getting sick from the product from eating unhealthy snacks and fast food because the food companies are putting unhealthy things in product. The problem with this because we are eating animals that we should never eat. The problem of industrial farming is dangerous to the land to our health because there are children who are getting sick from the food they eat. America should be concerned about food production because they don't know what’s in it and that could be dangerous for the children and everyone else. In the article “When A Crop Is King” by “Michael Pollan” argues that how our food is made out of corn and it’s unhealthy for us. Also mostly every food is made out of corn syrup and it unhealthy for our because people are getting diabetes and we are growing and eating so much of it. The amount of oil we use in them is toxic and it uses a lot of natural gas and we have so many crops that we have to use much of it. Corn also had took control of us because we have …show more content…

He had shown us how everything is made and why is it bad for us because most people get sick from meat. The reality behind how our food is produced is not in farm, but a factory. Also we never had food companies this big, and this powerful in our history. There are 13 slaughterhouses in the USA that companies they are supposed to beef. One third of all americans born after 2000 will contract early onset diabetes. Meat packing companies got bigger to serve the needs of the Fast Food

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