Michael Pollan Walsh Getting Real About High Price Of Junk Food

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Michael Pollan and Bryan walsh have some concerns about what we eat .That concern is “CORN”. there are three different ways they addressed these concerns are: “How Corn Took Over America”, “Getting Real About The High Price Of cheap food”, and “ Fat From Corn”. “How Corn Took Over America” Michael Pollan goes and states really clear in chapter 1 that is what this paragraph is going to be about. The first claim that popped out at me is almost all products we get at the store have some type of corn product in it whether it is (HFCS). Another 1 of his claims is that too many farmers use corn to feed the animals so they will become our food. For example cows become our steak and milk. The final claim is do we know what we are eating? probably not if you didn’t read the …show more content…

I had to dig to find his clues to help me figure out that he does have concerns about what we eat. So here are some of his claims, are food is very harmful for us. What does he mean by it is harmful for us? Another claim is our food is way too high priced! I agree with Bryan because at McDonalds we would have to $5.00 for a 10 piece chicken nugget meal, when at Burger King we would pay $2.00 for a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. that is way too high priced. The final claim is Why so much corn, and why does the gov’t put so much money towards corn? I want to know why too. “Fat From Corn” Michael Pollan a few more claims for you here 1 of them is business have money making schemes.(Pollan 76) Did you know that I Didn't know that. So the next time you or your parent go shopping do not fall for their money making scheme. Another 1 of his claims is we consume a lot of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). ( Pollan 78) His final claim is we tend too super sizes everything.Yes we do the only tip I have for you is to STOP!!!! MY TIPS FOR YOU

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