Michael Pollan Vs Maxfield Essay

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Michael Pollan’s Escape from the Western Diet connects well with what Mary Maxfield says in her article. Both Pollan and Maxfield talk about the ways that dieting is taking over American people’s healths and causing them to become even unhealthier. In Mary Maxfield’s argument she talks about how people believe everything that diet industries say, even though they know that the information they give you is false. This connects really well with what Michael Pollan talks about in his article, which is that people know that these theories that are used for the Western diet are not accurate, but yet they still decide to use the Western diet to help them become healthier. Both Pollan and Maxfield’s arguments go hand in hand with one another, even though they may not be talking about the same diet. Each argument is stating that even though people know that their diets have flaws and that they are being lied to, they are still using these diets. The people know that it is not healthy for them and that it is not the right way to become healthier, but yet …show more content…

They need to clear their minds from all of the information they are being told and just do the right thing to help them become healthier. For example, in Maxfield’s argument she talks about how people need to trust themselves, their bodies, and meet their needs. She says that if we can do this then we will be able to free ourselves from the formulas that are controlling our lives health and how we eat. In Pollan’s argument he talks about escaping from the Western diet and that the only way to do this is to stop thinking and eating that way. Pollan says if we can stop letting all the theories get in the way of how we eat, then we will be able to stop eating the Western diet and start eating in a much healthier way that will be more beneficial to our

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