Persuasive Essay On Fast Food

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“Fast food restaurants have us hooked on to their tasty food. You See a lot of people buying fast food because how good it tastes. Well let me tell you it is not good for your health. Why do fast food places lower their prices because they know people will buy it if it doesn’t cost that much and most people buy it cause that`s how much they can afford”. Fast food places is a way to not cook every week I feel bad for people when I go to McDonald’s and ask them, do you know what you’re eating in they say yes so I ask them, is that burger real such as real beef’ they say yes so I have to explain to them that you’re not eating real beef you’re eating a burger that has a lot of chemicals in it. They look at me crazy but they get mad because when they start to get sick and gain weight, it’s because of the fast food they`re eating. “Our government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility, in and ownership of our own health”. Balko (What you eat is your business, 2004). We should take responsibility of what we eat not put it on the government they don’t make us eat fast food we do. People need to take initiative to stop eating food that’s not healthy for them because at the end of the day it’s all up to you to stay healthy. Our country become less responsible for their own health and start to blame everyone else for their own health but look at us not eating right and wondering why they are not feeling good, you’re not doing the right thing. This world is full of

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