Argumentative Essay On Junk Food

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For a will, the sugar-sweetened drink has been taxed and are improving people diet and there is a lot of research on junk food is taxed and how it can also improve people diet. In places were sugar drinks have been taxed the person paying for there drink is taxed but for junk, food researcher has shown that taxing the people will have no impact. If people are not taxed than manufacturers should be taxed, and studies have shown when manufacturers are taxed than they are more likely to increase prices which will stop people from buying junk food and look for healthier food. Junk food has caused an increased rate of obesity and one way the government is trying to fight this is by having fat taxes which tax just unhealthy food and sugar-sweetened drinks. When junk food is being taxed than people will more incline to buy healthy food and drinks, this is only possible when the manufacturers are taxed. In America, junk food has never been taxed but sweetened drinks have been taxed which shows that people are ready for change but slowly, will keep this in mind that whoever is effect by the tax should be able to buy healthy food. Even though junk food has never been taxed in America researcher has been studying other countries who have taxed junk food with successes and shown that it is possible to tax junk food in America. A country that researcher have been looking at is id Hungry which has manufacturers pay for the taxes, which led to people buying less junk food and buying more

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