Persuasive Essay On School Food

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Cafeteria food in schools is made to be healthy for students, but is it really healthy for students if they think it is foul and do not want to eat it? Should schools change the healthy foods to foods that students would actually want to eat? School food’s job is to be healthy and tasty to get the students through their day, but sadly school lunches tend to miss the mark on both accounts. Public schools rely on money from the government to supply food to their students, but due to several cutbacks the thing served in the cafeteria is hardly food at all. We all know the stereotypical school food mystery meat Monday or a slab of grey mush and sadly that is not too far from what it is in reality. Even with the “healthy” options most school supply is packed with harmful preservatives and chemicals that harm our youth from buying the cheapest possible edible green thing. As a country does not seem to want to invest into healthy and better futures for our young people. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is supposed to make the food healthier than it used to be, which means there should be more fruits and vegetables. While they may have more healthy foods, the foods are sometimes gross looking. The apples look brown, strawberries look like they are picked too early, and the oranges look bruised. Most school lunches do not have real meat, it is all …show more content…

However, the provision commodity foods may have unintended financial consequences for schools that ultimately have an impact on school lunch nutrition,” was said in, “A Comparative Cost Analysis of commodity foods from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the National School Lunch Program,” by Cora Peterson. The food schools get from other places cause financial problems. If the students could go to town to buy their own lunch from places they would prefer to eat, this should not be a

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