An Argumentative Essay About School Lunches

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To begin with, the taste alone of school lunches is beyond unsatisfactory. The meals provided by public schools are not appetizing. There exists a tangible disconnect between the enticing, nutritious meals advertised on the school board’s menus and what the students actually receive—pathetic portions and lukewarm meals slapped onto a tray. Children’s complaints about school lunches are often seen as trite. However, while common, they are not any less accurate. If parents (or guardians) ate a school lunch every day, their child’s complaints would become much more understandable. Beverage options include milk, water, and several kinds of juice. The milk itself hardly deserves the label ‘milk’—it is watered down to the point where it can only …show more content…

Afterwards, my stomach was extremely upset. It is common for children to find mold in their food or slime somewhere there should not be slime. It is probably not normal for the cheese on lasagna to be hardened and cool like a sheet of plastic. It is difficult to differentiate between chicken nuggets and fish bites. Is it fish? Is it chicken? It is probably neither, as ninety percent of meat used in school lunches is processed. In addition, students are forced eat fruits that are often tiny and bruised. Quite literally, we cannot sit down to eat unless we have a fruit or vegetable on our tray. Our healthy options are not very enticing—instead of an apple slightly bigger than a fist, shining red like a ruby, we receive a spotted excuse of a fruit. It is not difficult to find rotten fruits lurking among a tray of apples and oranges. Due to their appearance, healthy options such as fruit are often discarded. It is the duty of the National School Lunch Program to provide food for students, yet the quality and taste of school lunches requires drastic

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