Persuasive Essay: Should School Lunches Change

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Should School Lunches Change For a long time now people have been arguing over whether or not to change up the restrictions to the lunches served in schools across America. Many different arguments have come up in recent years. School officials should not change up the school lunches because some people need more food than others, they should not be able to tell them what they can and can't eat, and finally because it will take lots of time and money to make the switch. The first reason schools should not put a limit on school lunches because some students need more food than others. This is shown by athletes because their bodies need more food because they need them nutrients to stay healthy. That's why putting a calorie count limit might …show more content…

This will take a long time because they have to have something to do with the food that they are getting rid of. If they don't have somewhere to send it then they will be wasting money by throwing it out. The cost comes into play because the schools will be paying money to get the new healthier foods into their cafeteria. The money will come back when students start buying the new food, but the school will be down quite a bit of money for a little while. On the other hand some people think the schools need to change up the menus. They think that the current school lunches is why we have so many obese kids right now. This is not the case because the children who are obese is not only because of the food they are eating it's because they do not get enough exercise. Changing the school lunches overall would not be beneficial because the food they are eating is not the biggest part of why they are obese. In conclusion schools should not change the lunches because they don't have the power to tell students can or can't eat, they don't have the time and money, and finally because they are not allowed to put a limit on how much a student can eat due to the “No Kid Hungry

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