Changing School Lunches Research Paper

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Every day students enjoy their lunches at school. They always enjoy eating their delicious meals where they have the option to chose what they want. If their lunch is changed then their options will be limited. Changing the lunch to be healthier will not be something that will be very great for our school. If the school lunch is changed then some of the students that are larger could not get the nutrition they need and hurt the ones that really need those extra calories. Athletes need a larger lunch, and limiting the lunch to be healthier can affect them badly. students should be the ones to decide the food they eat, not the school. Although it can allow some students to lose weight, changing the school lunch to be healthier will not be good because it will make a small impact or even a negative impact, …show more content…

It will give students the ability to get rid of the risk of having an unhealthy lunch at school. Although it can make students lose weight, it won't help because those options are already there. Schools already have options like salads or fat free milk that are there for the student to choose. Changing the school lunches can also have an impact on what students eat at home by letting them adapt to the new foods. Changing the lunches will not let them adapt to the new food. It would only change what is at school. Students aren't going to change their whole diet because one meal is changed. changing the school food to become healthier will not have much of an impact. It could lead to students to stop buying lunches. students would start to pack lunches that can be much more unhealthy than what the school lunches originally were. They could load their lunches with any junk food without any limit. It also can create a negative impact because students could stop eating lunch all together. Students would stop eating the lunches that are provided at school and not pack lunches. Students would lack the nutrition that is needed and create some even worse problems

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