Lunch Essays

  • Longer Lunch Essay

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    High School Students rush to lunch on a daily basis to get the first spot in the lunch line, find a table as fast as possible, and shovel their food into their mouths at an unhealthy rate, all due to the limited and unhealthy time constraint put on students in this school for eating lunch. Whether packing or buying lunch, every student in this school at one point or another faced the mad dash to the cafeteria, practically sprinting to their seat, before eating lunch in record time, and being rushed

  • Free Lunch Program

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    of free or reduced lunch programs during the school year. These programs provide food to children who may not usually know where their next meal will be coming from, and they have long reaching affects. Hunger can negatively affect students’ performance in school, nutritional habits, and behavioral problems. Additionally, only 3.8 million youth who participate in free or reduced lunch programs at school are provided with food during the summer (“Best Summer Ever”, 2016). Lunch programs are a great

  • Healthier School Lunch Menu

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    healthier school lunch menu, which would eliminate some of the students favorite cafeteria foods. Although people think that changing the lunch menu to a healthier menu is a good thing, however this is not true. The food might be healthier but what difference does it make if no one's eating it. Think about it, most students would stop eating, the school makes money off of lunch, and it helps keep parents' happy, sounds pretty good to me. I speak for most kids when I say don't change the lunch menu.

  • Lunch: A Good Or Bad Idea?

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    Schools have a number of items to choose from for lunch every single day, they can range from pizza, to burritos. If you have been at a particular school for a while than you could get bored and tired of the same items every other day. Your school decides to change the lunch menu to a healthier and newer lunch menu. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? School can be tiresome and hard. You have to worry about grades and assignments, friends, teachers, and many other things. You need to be able

  • School Lunch Research Paper

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    School Lunch Changing to a healthy and new lunch menu would be very beneficial. Eating healthy not always the easy choose. Even though the old food chooses are the favorites, the new chooses are just better for you. When you eat food that is better for you, you feel better too. When you are given the choose of eating health vs eating whatever is quickest. We tend to choose the cheaper, faster, and better tasting food. So when you take that choose away it could make some unhappy. That is

  • School Lunch Debt Essay

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    Proposing a Solution: Increase In School Lunch Debt After inflation has increased, several individuals are not able to eachfford essential needs. This is also a current issue in our local school districts along with numerous households. Due to the inflation increase, children may not be able to eat as much during school due to a few parents not having the ability to afford school lunches due to either increasing lunch prices or considering they do not qualify for free or reduced price lunches in

  • School Lunch Spanish Translation

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    A Fresh Look at Lunch Spanish Translation ANDREA DELBANCO Congress is taking a hard look at school lunch. Nutrition experts agree: It's time for a change. How much of what you ate for lunch today was fresh? A recent School Nutrition Association (SNA) study reveals that most schools cook fewer than half of their main courses from scratch. Many school meals include packaged, processed foods that are loaded with salt and fat. Experts say the time has come to shift school lunch away from packaged foods

  • School Lunch Research Paper

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    Why School Lunch Regulations Should be Reduced Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch- An interesting story about Zachary Maxwell, who filmed his school lunches while comparing them to the menus the schools gave out to parents. The results alone found in the documentary were amazing. It caused change in the entire state, and an inspection of the school’s lunches. The documentary was made over the 2011-2012 school year. These school lunches are something that almost every

  • School Lunch Menu Analysis

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    In are cafeteria we don’t have a big variety of healthy foods. Our school lunch menu includes pizza, chicken burgers, chicken Alfredo, rice bowls, enchiladas, macaroni, and deli sandwiches with chips. The only healthy option we have is salad. The type of salad used is iceberg, which is mostly water. The breakfast options are muffin tops, cereal, prepackaged pancakes, mini cinnamon rolls, bagels, and oatmeal with a lot of brown sugar poured on top. Most of our food choices include some type of grain

  • School Lunch Persuasive Essay

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    All of the children that live in America are entitled to a free public education. A lunch is provided that costs a reduced fee for those who attend a public school. Every day, thousands of kids attend school and mindlessly eat this lunch. A lunch that is full of frozen, processed foods that all share the same unpronounceable chemicals in their ingredient list. I personally believe that if schools started to add more natural, fresh, whole foods into their lunches it would be helpful to our societies

  • Personal Narrative: Lunch At School

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    Lunch was the best time for me during school, you get to eat food, talk to your friends without teachers yelling at you, or simply do anything you want. I spent most of my time sitting with all ten of my friends and mutual friends. I always never got much food from the hot lunch, and never brought food from home either. Lunch was either at 11:03 or 12:21 depending on your grade, I had lunch at 12:21. The class before lunch which was from the 11:03 to 12:21 always felt like the longest because you’re

  • School Lunch Research Paper

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    amongst high school students, is whether students should be allowed to leave the cafeteria and school campus for lunch. At high school age, students are usually driving and have a job, allowing money to be provided to them. This gives the urge for teenagers to go and get a nice lunch from somewhere close by for lunch rather than being stuck in the cafeteria buying lunch, or eating a packed lunch that has been sitting in their backpack all day. Here are just a few more convincing reasons as to why students

  • Changing A Healthier Lunch Menu Essay

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    planning to change to a new and healthier lunch menu. This may eliminate some lunches that the students actually like. They should not switch to a healthier lunch menu because if the students think the new menu looks nasty they will not eat it and they would not have any food through the day. Mostly every week there are some lunches that students love and can not wait for the day to come so they can have lunch. Changing the lunch menu to a healthier lunch menu is not going to change a students mindset

  • Changing The School Lunch Menu Analysis

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    Changing the school lunch menu might eliminate some favorite lunch items but it would increase health in students. A new lunch menu is a good idea because it offers healthy and new choices for students and teachers.      Changing the school lunch menu will have a good effect on students who are vegetarians. Some students are vegetarians and they don't have a lot to choose from at school. With a new menu Vegetarians or even students who cant eat some things due to religious values will feel more

  • Healthier School Lunch Research Paper

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    idea to change the schools lunch menu to a healthier school lunch menu. I think the principle should leave it the same mainly because. The schools lunch menu has some good food on there lunch menu already. And another example on this topic is that it will cause the school to have to pay more money for the healthier lunches. And another example on this topic is that most kids will not buy the schools lunches because it don't taste good. And they will bring there own lunch from home which will not bring

  • Free Lunch Program Research Paper

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    I went to the Free Lunch Program on Saturday, August 28th. I got there at noon and people had just started getting their food. There was a line inside that went to the door. There were also quite a few individuals sitting outside of the facility. The first thing I noticed was that there were three police officers outside of the facility talking to two very calm individuals. I thought that this was a bit odd, but not many people around seemed bothered by it. It seemed like there may have been a dispute

  • Changing A Healthier Lunch Menus In Schools

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    In schools today, students have forgotten the importance of eating healthy. Changing the lunch menu in school cafeterias to healthier foods would result in a positive outcome within your school. Although you want to cater to your students and provide the food they desire, you need to think about the benefits that changing to a new menu would bring. Healthy foods stimulate the brain which would ultimately result in better academic performance in the classroom. The right foods supply energy and

  • Persuasive Essay On Open Campus Lunch

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    inside food court. However, lunch time is an important meal, and it should be spent the way students like. Whether it is a McDonalds hamburger, or a Panera bread salad special, the students should have the freedom to choose. An open campus lunch for high school students is a great way for the students to have better food choices, to gain more responsibility, and to have more school activities to participate in. Not all smart kids, make smart decisions. An Open campus lunch for high school students

  • Healthier School Lunch Menu Essay

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    school should change to a new healthier school lunch menu. It will be a good idea for the school to change to a new healthier lunch menu, because it helps the students. It can also help some students with obesity, can help perform better in sport, and also help the brain to work better. First, The new healthier school lunch menu can help cut down obesity. Obesity is one of the major problems in the world to day. If the school had healthier lunch menu, the school can help that problem with obesity

  • Persuasive Essay On A School Lunch Menu

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    students may be allergic to certain food items on the lunch menu. Therefore if the school lunch is going to have more healthier foods and more variety they need to learn information from students on what they will like to eat and what they are allergic to also to prevent any hazards. Students should always have a opinion in any school problems or changes. If it was my decision which i believe it should be i would put different variety of foods on the lunch menu but also keep students favorites remaining