Persuasive Essay On A School Lunch Menu

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I think changing the schools cafeteria is a good idea and a bad idea. It can effect some students ,and it can help some. The reason why i say that is because some students may be allergic to certain food items on the lunch menu. Therefore if the school lunch is going to have more healthier foods and more variety they need to learn information from students on what they will like to eat and what they are allergic to also to prevent any hazards. Students should always have a opinion in any school problems or changes. If it was my decision which i believe it should be i would put different variety of foods on the lunch menu but also keep students favorites remaining. I believe as a student in Prince William County we all deserve better quality …show more content…

When you're consuming any food the food must be hot, fresh, and good quality. I believe most the meats that schools are serving are process meat and bad for you. For example when you're eating a chicken patty rip it in the middle and look at the meat inside it would probably will look brownish. That's a sign with any poultry that it's not a very good food product. Real poultry should have 100% white meat inside like chicken nuggets, chicken patties, and others a very good brand to find good poultry products is Tyson's. Changing the school lunch can always be negative thing also because most teenagers between the ages of 15-19 eat a lot of junk food so they wouldn't prefer eating healthier foods. It can be a financial problem for the school also because if the school started serving just healthy foods most students wouldn't purchase school lunch it it's sad but true. To prevent that from happening i would serve foods that look appear like junk food but are a more healthier selection for example Turkey Burgers is a good product they are more better for you than a typical fast food burger. Or you can switch it up serve healthy products one day, and serve less healthy products another

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