Persuasive Fast Food Essay

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Fast food is quickly becoming America 's cigarette, causing more death related diseases than a packet of smokes. Take a look at the food you’re eating and what does it do to your body. ' “Parents are working more than ever before, and unable to monitor what kids are eating at home, schools are selling astronomical amounts of junk food in order to supplement shrinking budgets. It 's a ticking time bomb, and America 's children are exploding”. Food business has been one of the successful economic fields in United States. McDonald’s, KFC and Hardees are all examples of fast food companies that became well-known worldwide and they sell million meals every month, they attract teens and children mainly and they are getting addicted to it. Although fast food field has a huge profit it doesn’t mean that we should give fast food suppliers and restaurants the permission to do whatever they want. However, fast food suppliers should only care about the quality of their products not “people’s obesity”. Parents are responsible for the obesity in their children and they …show more content…

In the conclusion, blaming others has been always the easier and the best solution to get out of the problem. The lack of physical activities played a big role in children’s obesity, moreover the unhealthy food choices by the parents may led to increase the chances to get over-obese. Limitation is the key of success in fast food case, it is very important for parents to limit the fast food consumption and to control and monitor what their children eat daily. To avoid the lack of physical activity, parents must manage to take their children at least once a week to a park or a swimming pool without rewarding them with sweets or fast food meal. Furthermore, parents must limit their children access to televisions and social media, so they cannot be fooled by the

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