Persuasive Essay On Food Inc

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“Food Inc.” is a documentary which uncovered the truth about food industries in America. Contrary to the images they are showing to the public, animals like cows and chickens are no longer raised on the field but in unsanitary and infectious houses. Cows are forced to eat corns instead of grass, which caused them E. coli, and instead of abandoning this new technology companies just use more chemicals to erase virus out of meat. Farmers and workers are forced to work underpaid and not allowed to talk about the companies’ policies. Slaughterhouses are getting bigger and bigger, thus it is easier for virus and bacteria to pass from one animal to the other through the hand of the workers. FDA and other government agencies do not address the issues because many of the heads of these agencies and other Congress members have ties with food companies. Therefore, the government subsidies unhealthy food while leaves vegetable’s price go off the roof, making it impossible for poor families to eat healthily. Moreover, it is illegal in some states to criticize food corporations, as Oprah Winfrey was sued for criticizing …show more content…

Because of NAFTA, American corn floods into Mexico, driving domestic farmers out of business because they cannot compete against cheap American corn production. Many countries around the world also cannot compete with American food companies because they do not have government subsidy to cut down their prices. Moreover, this new technology costs a lot of natural resources like oil, and once oil is depleted, the whole industry that account for 80% of the food market in America will collapse. The negative externalities of food industries are the waste produced from these contaminated farms, warehouses, and slaughterhouses that are contributing to global warming, and the social cost of cheap unhealthy food is that more and more poor working class have obesity and

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