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  • Fast Food Industry

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    ABSTRACT Fast food industry has becomes more innovative which encourages them to create new ideas to introduce new products to achieve a long-term success. To do this, fast food restaurants must come up with an effective promotional strategy that could help them to convince consumers to purchase the new products they launch which will help to maintain their successful business performance and better level of profitability. This research study aims to find out which promotional strategy convinced

  • Fast Food Industry: The Evolution Of Fast Food

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    Evolution of Fast Food Fast food companies have eradicated competition throughout history in the restaurant industry. The practices used to eradicate competition such as using unhealthy food to make a profit have been reported unethical by Americans but tend to be desired to the American society. According to the American Franchise Corporation, certified by TrustArc, fast food companies generate $570 billion annually in the United States ("Fast Food Industry Analysis"). These statistics continue

  • Food Choices In Fast Food

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    Apart from sugary drinks, fast food companies that have historically led the market in offering fast food and high-fat products including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King (The Economist, 2012). Many companies have also begun offering a “healthier menu” or healthier options for consumers, but consumers must decide whether they want to indulge in healthier foods, or continue eating the foods they have always enjoyed at the same restaurants. Pricing is a consideration. One thing to consider

  • Analysis Of Fast Food

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    “Quick Food” may be a new chain of fast food restaurant set on major route .The new fast food outlet can function as Malaysia new fast food chain. Fast food business in Malaysia is think about extremely competitive and dominate by several massive alimentation outlet like Macdonald, Burger King, Carl Junior etc. .The main objectives for the research is to specialize in profit, profit that has selling price, cost and sales volume, when a price is high, then the margin of profit is additionally high

  • The Importance Of Fast Food

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    the Food System. (n.d.). Retrieved November 3, 2015). Henry Balzer, one of the greatest food industry analyst gave such perception to the popularity of fast food. Nowadays, fast food has become so common that it has become a part of our today. We can easily find fast food anywhere, for example besides a highway, in the mall, in the airport and more. In the past, people used to eat fresh and unprocessed food, due to the change of lifestyle, attitude of young people, and modern life, fast food start

  • Essay On Fast Food

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    For me, the growth of fast food does more benefit than harm to the economy and people’s life. Therefore, I’m going to analyze three main issues which are the development of technology in fast food industry, the convenience and reasonable price and the transformation of nowadays fast food chain to illustrate my point of view. As the rapid development of technology, the productivity of fast food industry becomes higher which makes the fast food business start to be passionate about science and technology

  • Influence Of Fast Food

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    This is all about fast food, the value it incorporates, and the world it has made. Fast food has proven to be a revolutionary force in the lives of both Indian's and American's young people. What people eat or don't eat has always been determined by a complex interplay of social, economic, and technological forces. A nation's diet can be more revealing than its art or literature.(1) On any given day in the united states about one-quarter of the adult population visits a fast food restaurant while

  • Assignment On Fast Food

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    Research task: Fast foods/Franchises Index 1) Description and understanding of business -pg3 2) Most important fast foods in SA-pg4 3) Essay on franchises and running a business –pg5 4) Report on chosen franchise –pages 6 and 7 5) Experience on chosen franchise –page 8 6) Conclusion –page 9 7) Reference list –page 10  1) Description and understanding of fast food A Fast Food is a business that provides food for people on the go. A Fast Food business is a business that produces food in masses that

  • Fast Food Loyalty

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    Abstract This research was carried out for our business research method course concerning the determining factors impacting the customer loyalty: an empirical study on the fast food restaurants of Karachi, Pakistan. The purpose of this project is to know the customer loyalty of the fast food restaurants in Karachi, to find out the different choices of people favorite restaurants, to find out how loyalty is important to these restaurants and to know how much trustworthiness and perceived value is

  • Fast Food Fast Disease

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    Fast Food: Slow Death as Cause of Obesity and Heart Disease History of fast food Fast food outlets have been existed since ancient Europe. Many people cannot afford to have a kitchen and this becomes the main reason they buy their food in fast food outlets or vendors (History of fast food, 2017). Twentieth century change the perception of fast food. The first company that change the culture and perception of fast food was McDonald’s, followed by KFC, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway and KFC

  • Fast Food Culture

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    The origin of American fast food culture Nowadays, fast food is not unfamiliar for American. As we all know, American are keen on fast food very much without doubt. America is the biggest fast food kingdom in the world. American fast food culture is able to appear that benefits from many of factors. America has become a big country of immigrants by Europeans and Africans since the new continent was discovered. After solving the problem of unification of the north and south and constitution, the

  • Fast Food Theory

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    Today there are a vast variety of fast food chains that are inexpensive and convenient to many. For most, it is the perfect opportunity to relieve some stress from a long day at work, school, or at home with the children. Fast food can taste so good and almost seem necessary when the cravings are kicking in, a fact for most of the people surrounding me. I have personally tested this theory many times in different situations, and the results are always the same. Fast food has become a significant problem

  • Junk Food Vs Fast Food

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    Fast food has quickly developed in many countries in the world such as United States and England. The number of people now who consume them has increased and the number of restaurants has raised a lot. Since fast food and prepared food was invented, they had affected the society a lot because of time, wide variety of choices and cost saving. In today’s fast-paced life, time has become important for many people from students to officials who have time limit. As a result, they need to buy fast food

  • Eated Food: The Risks Of Fast Food

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    Fast food is the processed food that can easily prepare and it is served quickly in restaurant or to be taken away. Nowadays, fast food has been favored by many people as it is very convenient to buy if you are busy and do not have time to cook. Of course, this food has its advantages including good food, easy to prepare where we no need to wait for hours and so on. For example, burger, fries, pizzas and others. Everyone knows that excessive fast food intake can harm to your health and it is also

  • The Benefits Of Nutritional Food And Fast Food

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    Researchers have proved that establishments selling meals, including restaurants and fast-food places, apply nutritional information on their menus. An obvious ordeal is that healthy people are happier and more productive than people that eat fast foods many times a week. Along with eating nutritional foods, fitness allows people to be healthy as well. However, eating nutritional foods and doing exercise is a two-way deal. That means both actions are required to take place to be healthy. When

  • Fast Food In America

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    Wikipedia 7-6-2017 wrote that fast food makes people to eat without dressing up, planning, without making a lot of decisions, sometimes without even getting out of the car. Fast food is an idea that has taken the world by storm, being able to travel from home to Atlanta, to Sweden, to Chicago and now even china and get the same food. Fast food has gained every nook and cranny of American society. Everywhere you turn, you can see a fast food restaurant. Some people blame fast food for America´s overweight

  • Fast Food Attraction

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    Question: 1: What is the attraction of the fast food, how can fast food be the most popular meals in the American. 2: Why people cannot control themselves to eat fast food, even though they have obesity. 3: What caused the fast food earn a lots benefits than other restaurant, open the chain shop so frequently. Introduction: Fast food is the most popular food restaurant in the United States. There already have over 200.000 restaurants in America, such as Jack in the box, McDonald's, In and

  • Dangers Of Fast Food

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    we are living in a fast food world, and the worst is that we have so many things that we have to do but there isn’t much time to fulfill it. The parents don’t have time to cook so they find it easier to bring fast food for their families and their children to eat, and there are many dangerous stuff and diseases resulting from eating fast food. Such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and so on. Fast food can be harmful and damage one’s body. These days people blame fast food restaurants for their

  • Fast Food Restaurants: Case Study: The Fast-Food Franchise

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    The Fast-Food Franchise Introduction The case explains there is one fast food franchise operating in a medium-sized metropolitan area. The owner of that particular fast food franchise holds the right to operate that fast food restaurant in that particular metropolitan area. There is only single outlet of that fast food franchise which is currently operating and is very popular as well. Since there is only one outlet and is very popular there are often customers who wait to get service from that

  • The Importance Of Fast Foods

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    1) Are fast foods good or bad? 2) What are the importances of fast foods? 3) What are the unethical practices of fast foods? Based from the responses of the participants, they said that fast foods are generally good. Meaning they found more benefits from fast foods as compared to their negative effects to the physical health and even to the environment. Most consumers ate at fast foods because they believe that foods are well prepared although there are authors who said that fast foods may have