Obesity In America Essay

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Burger King, Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell familiar restaurants, that America knows the most. On an average week these fast food places are feasted on regularly rather than a home cooked meal.The first generation to die young of obesity related diseases. Life expectancy has gone down increasingly to now an alarming 78 years of age. Back in the 70’s the word obese did not even exist, food chains had small portions and families ate at the dinner table. Today’s epidemic that many six to eighteen year old’s face due to the busy lives of their parents. Numerous companies have tried to some what inform the buyer on what is in their product, but not much is being done. The government has made public notice and warning of most food but Americans due to lack …show more content…

In It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat a Sacramento Bee news article by Shannon Brownlee, she discusses a survey conducted by a marketing whiz named Elliot Bloom, “... these guys ate at fast food joints because they had absolutely no interest in cooking for themselves and didn’t give a rip about the nutritional quality of the food” (8). Most individuals get the idea of permitting such behaviors by fast food commercials being aired on television of the hours children and teens are home. Since the introduction of the television more ads on what is the sociable norm to eat is. Magazines were no bigger help showcasing woman with bodies unattainable due to the restaurants they were consuming. It is up to the millennials to change this problem for their children to be at lower risk of these distemperments. If something is not done today’s 18-26 year olds well be the first generation to bury their babies. Such a tragic and disturbing circumstance to be put under, but that is the harsh reality that can be faced if something is not done now. Societal views affects the way the new generation is raised so a alteration should be made to subdue the

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