How Junk Food Can End Obesity By David Freedman

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Junk food is responsible for the growing rate of obesity. This is outlined by David freedman in his article of “How junk food can end obesity.” David Freedman has credited the “health-food” motion, and followers of it along with Michel Pollan. Freedman claims that if the America desires to stop the obesity epidemic, or at least reduce its effects, they must shift to the fast meals and processed meals enterprise for assist, now not the “health-food” movement. Freedman first establishes his credibility by means of acknowledging he is part of the junk food eating society the US is particularly composed of. In truth, he does this proper on the start of his article by means of comparing healthy organic smoothies that he for my part tried, to that of McDonald’s smoothies. This also provides a very good shock cost, which enables get readers sucked in to the relaxation of his sizeable article. The second and most powerful manner that Freedman establishes his credibility is with the aid of fairly representing the declaration of his opponent, Michael Pollan and his supporters, which he refers to as “Pollanites”. Freedman takes a divergent tone, however also turns into satirical and possibly even sarcastic at certain factors throughout the paper. His use of the phrase “Pollanites” is a quality example of ways he manages to incorporate a satirical tone, whilst last credible and real to his point. Freedman writes to a target market of yankee eaters, mainly those suffering with weight

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