Persuasive Speech On Fast Food

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8-10 oz. lean hamburger
¼ cup oatmeal
1 small Vidalia onion- ¼ cup diced, the rest sliced for the burgers
1 small tomato - sliced for the burgers
Salad mix as desired- (add some broccoli or cauliflower if you’re really hungry and don’t think 1 burger will be enough.)
Salad dressing of choice (1 or 2 tablespoonsful max)
2 all whole grain English muffins – I know this goes against eating packaged foods but a little now and then won’t be all that detrimental. English muffins usually have less calories than other breads but you can use any other whole grain bread you want, just no more than 2 slices.


1. Mix the onions and oatmeal well with the lean hamburger and make into 2 patties.
2. Put the burgers on the grill or George Foreman and prepare your salad. You’re done in minutes. Add a small amount of ketchup and or mustard to one half of English muffin, avoid mayonnaise if possible, and put the onion slice and tomato slice on the side without ketchup and mustard (it makes a difference in the taste- believe me).
3. Chow down tonight and you’ll be lighter in the …show more content…

Meditating may seem counterproductive to losing weight because you’re not burning calories like you would on a treadmill. However, the stress reducing advantages are way more beneficial to your mindset by promoting positive thinking and relieving stress. Now, a treadmill or extreme aerobic exercise does help burn calories, build muscle, and burn fat, but overdoing it can easily lead to bodily injury, which can then lead to a lot of stress and idle exercise periods which can begin your fuel your body’s unhealthy response. Stress induces cortisol production and insulin utilization abnormalities among other metabolic dysfunctions which in turn causes the body to store fat. So, reducing stress by meditating and exercise is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism to its proper operating

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