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There are many reasons why Los Corrales is my favorite spot to dine in on a Sunday night. I never knew about this place until my dad came home one and night and explained to us he had ordered a quesadilla and he couldn’t believe his eyes. My mouth got watery as he explained the quesadilla was as long as twelve inches and filled with beef and melted Chihuahua cheese on the inside and how the cheese was starting to come out the edges of the corn tortilla and, with some hot sauce it couldn’t get any better. Los Corrales has a selection from the sea, American and, Mexican food. When I step foot into this restaurant I feel at home not only because of their very fine made Mexican style of cooking but, because all of the employees are extremely friendly and, glad to help their customers.…show more content…
When you order a huarache you have to choose between green sauce and red sauce my favorite is the green sauce. The cooks make the huarache from corn tortilla in length, it’s the size of a twelve inch ruler; it is also as wide as half the ruler so about six inches. The huarache has five layers in total, of toppings. The first layer consists of brown pinto beans, which helps the rest of the topping stays in place. After, they add the grill beef and the green sauce it starts to look like a small model of a grassy meadow. The green sauce tastes like a light, medium blend of jalapeno and green tomatoes giving it that at home taste of when my mother cooks. Lastly, they add strings of a cut lettuce with a final touch of shredded cheese and by the time you receive your plate the cheese has already melted and if you’d like a choice of sour

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