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Introduction Imagine waking up to an alien-like creature sucking the blood out of animals in the dens next to the house. The terrifying creature has just killed every last animal on the farm, and would have killed every human if they were not inside. This is the story that some Puerto Ricans tell to describe the mysterious Chupacabra. These stories are very intriguing and make a great horror story, but they are not entirely true. El Chupacabra is one of many mysterious creatures that has been extensively research and determined to be entirely fake. Chupacabras haven been integrated into many cultures, but most people do not know the facts about chupacabra research. The History of El Chupacabra Background Knowledge El Chupacabra is an example …show more content…

There are many variations in the appearance of El Chupacabra. Some stories describe it with a wolf-like walk, while others say it walks upright like a human (Luntta, 2006). Most of the recent stories contain the wolf appearance, but some of the original tales use a more monster-like creature. Most sightings and witnesses associate El Chupacabra with its two-legged walk, long claws, and spiky back (Gabbatiss, 2016). On Animal Planet’s “The History of El Chupacabra”, the text states, “Other Brazilian eyewitnesses claimed to have seen an animal, that may fly or leap with powerful, monkey-like hind legs, attacking animals and humans both” (n.d., p. 2). The different characteristics of this animal lead most people to be suspicious about the existence of chupacabras. Other than the appearance of the chupacabra, many people identify the creature by the aftermaths of its attack. Although appearances of Chupacabras vary widely, all stories explain that this creature kills by puncture wounds on the prey’s neck (Luntta, 2006). Chupacabra attacks usually leave behind farm animals with all of their blood sucked out them. These attacks have never been witnessed by a human because the Chupacabras seem to strike at night (Luntta, 2006). According to Marcia Lusted, Chupacabras never ate their prey; they seemed to only want the animal’s blood (2017). Without actual evidence of this creature sucking blood out of animals, researchers will not be able to prove that chupacabras feed off of animal blood. While the appearance and attacks of chupacabras make most people skeptical, some witnesses stick to their

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