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Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula also known as Francisco Villa or as we know him Pancho Villa was born June 5, 1878 and was one of the most important Mexican Revolutionary general in Mexico. Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arango, the son of a sharecropper at the hacienda in San Juan Del Rio, Durango. While growing up, Pancho Villa witnessed and experienced the harshness of peasant life. In Mexico during the late 19th century, the rich were becoming richer by taking advantage of the lower classes, often treating them like slaves. When Villa was 15, his father died, so Villa began to work as a sharecropper to help support his mother and four siblings. On a day in 1894, Villa came home from the fields to find that the owner of the hacienda intended …show more content…

Right after Pancho Villa’s famous raid on Columbus, New Mexico, 1916, U.S army general John J. tried to capture Pancho Villa in a nine month search but they unsuccessfully failed to find him. The Mexicans helped Villa hide when the Army would come close to him. Their even more about that later Villa retired in 1920 and was given a large estate which he was turned into a “military colony” for his fellow soldiers. It was during this time that Doroteo Arango began using the name Francisco "Pancho" Villa. "Pancho" is a common nickname for "Francisco." There are many theories as to why he chose that name. Some say it was the name of a bandit leader he met; others say it was Villa's fraternal grandfather's last name. Pancho Villa's notoriety as a bandit and his prowess at escaping capture caught the attention of men who were planning a revolution. These men understood that Villa's skills could be used as a guerilla fighter during the revolution. Since Porfirio Diaz, the sitting president of Mexico, had created much of the current problems for the poor and Francisco Madero promised change for the lower classes, Pancho Villa joined Madero's cause and agreed to be a leader in the revolutionary

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