Cabeza De Vaca Journey

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The Journey Trekking through the land of mosquitoes and cannibals for your country, crossing raging rivers, and living with Natives are all things that Cabeza De Vaca had to do to reach Mexico City. Cabeza was on a conquest to establish settlements along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico lead by the conquistador, Narvaez. Cabeza was one of the four that survived out of 300 men. How did Cabeza De Vaca survive? Cabeza survived because of his respect for the Indians, using his wilderness skills, and success as a healer. Cabeza survived because of his respect for the indians. Cabeza De Vaca teaches that respect is very important. He would not have been able to survive without respect for the indians. “Cabeza learned four Indian languages including Charrucos, plus sign language” to show respect. (Doc B). The fact that Cabeza healed the Indians leads us to infer that he had respect for the …show more content…

The amount of skill needed to hike mountains, cross rivers, and survive deserts is crucial (Doc A). He was lost, and had to use a tree that had been struck by lightning and “he lit a branch in the dying flames”. “Each night he huddled in a hole that he’d dug”, so that he could be warm and not get frostbite. “He ate what he was available” and drank water store in hollowed-out horse-leg containers (Doc B). After doing all of those things that nobody else would think to do I think that it is safe to say that he has great survival skills. Cabeza De Vaca survived by his success as a healer. “He had been wounded through the right shoulder with an arrow” “with a knife I opened his chest to that place” “at last I pulled it out.” (Doc C) These quotes explain that Cabeza was able to keep a man alive. “We cured the sick.” (Doc D) Document D is Cabeza De Vaca’s journal. He expresses that he and his crewmates healed the indians to show that they cared about the Indians to survive. They proved their worth to the Indians so that they could

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