Cabeza De Vaca DBQ

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How to go on a Successful Expedition Cabeza de Vaca, one of the world's greatest explorers. It's amazing how he was able to survive with little tools and help. Cabeza started his expedition in 1525 in seville, he later crashed in Galveston Island, Texas. He and 3 other people had to be able to survive in the new world, with nothing other than themselves and other little resources. Cabeza de Vaca was able to survive seeing that he knew a bit about the Indian tribes and how to speak their language(s), He also knew how to heal wounds and other such things, and most of all he knew how to survive in the wilderness. In the first place, Cabeza knew about the Indian tribes near his location, he knew about their culture and language. Over time he was able to learn more about the Indians, and showed great respect towards them. Cabezas respect to the Indians earned him their trust they also became allies because of it. “Cabeza learned four Indian languages, including Charrucos, plus sign language” (Document B). The document states that he can speak some of the many Indian languages. The document also proves that he has respect for the Indians and he took the time to learn about them. In addition to having respect for the Native Americans, Cabeza was successful at healing wounds.…show more content…
Cabeza was able to survive due to his knowledge and wisdom. In my opinion I believe the main reason he was able to survive was because of his wilderness skills. If he didn't know how to survive in the wilderness, then he wouldn't have even needed any of the other skills. His Expedition could be compared to a real world situation for example, a lost person in a large desert would need to be able to survive and know wilderness skills like Cabeza de
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