Pancho Villa Vs Zapata Analysis

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Francisco Villa also known as “ pancho” and Emiliano Zapata where two revolutionaries who experienced the oppression of politicians in Mexico and because of that they devoted their lives to change this. Even though their aims were different they also shared some similarities which leads us to ask the question: What were the aims of Pancho villa and Emiliano Zapata in the Mexican Revolution between 1910-1923 and what were the similarities and differences they had ? Two sources that will help us answer this question are the document called plan of ayala from 1911 which is the original copy taken from the camp in the Mountains of Puebla which is signed by Emiliano Zapata and a journal article called The Life and Times of Pancho Villa by Friedrich Katz. This are two very important sources because …show more content…

This journal article tells us the story of Pancho Villa and his aim to a land reform and how he went about it with an agrarian reform in 1913 but even though he makes an attempt to portray Pancho Villa as an agrarian revolutionary it isn't convincing enough. The value of this, is that since it's a secondary source we are able to get a more analized view of his aim and we also get a very detailed explanation of the social, political, and economic stages and in this journal article Friedrich Katz analyzes some primary sources like memoirs and newspapers of that time period. Since it's not a primary source it has a limitation since we are getting the detail picture through the description of Friedrich Katz and not Pancho Villa and we are confronted by an attempt of Friedrich Katz to portray Francisco Villa as an agrarian revolutionary so we can see that what Katz writes in his journal article is just information to support why Francisco Villa was an agrarian revolutionary which can lead for Katz to analyze documents that would prove otherwise even though it would help us understand the whole

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