The Other Conquest Film Analysis

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The films “The other conquest”, “Jerico”, and “I the Worst of All” are all a depiction of what life would be like during the Spanish Conquest. These films give different point of views during the Spanish Conquest. The films give a person a well-rounded view of how the world really changed for different people during a historical movement. After watching these films, one is able to assess and determine their own truth about what exactly happened to Amerindians and Spaniards during this time.
The other conquest film is about the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and more specifically the indigenous Aztec people. However, the film is less focused on the physical conquest of the land and more focused on the conquest made by the catholic church. In other words, the film is more focused on the spiritual conquest of the Amerindians. The films main focus is on Friar Diego whose main mission is to convert the uncivilized Amerindians into civilized Christians. The main character is an Aztec man named Topilzin who is supposedly the son of the great Aztec leader Montezuma. Early on in the film Topilzin is captured by the Spanish conquistadors in a battle for the temple of Tenochtitlan. Which leads to Friar Diego’s fixation on saving Topilzin soul and trying to successfully convert him. The other conquest is a film that creates a dialogue between the catholic churches involvement in the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
The narrative of the other conquest is essentially discussing the struggle

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