Que Vivan Los Tamales Analysis

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Que Vivan Los Tamales analyses the history of Mexico's evolving national identity via food. Mexican cuisine has changed dramatically from the the era of the aztecs, to the period of Spanish colonialism through to the Porfiriato dictatorship. Through these periods we we see food being used in a manner to unify the nation and create a national united identity. Below I will argue how the country attempted to unify its people though cuisine. When the Spanish conquered Mexico, they tried to impose old world techniques and spices onto the Mexicans. Spain began to introduce new foods into Mexican cuisine, such as wheat, meats, and olive oil. Spain was able to take techniques from mexican cuisine and blend it into their own. Native americans were also looked as like lower class people. Higher social groups like the europeans were trying to convert Native Americans to act and become civilized. Civilized meaning participating in traditions that the Spanish did. By introducing these new traditions on to the people of Mexico they slowly gained popularity and brought different people together. For example Spaniards created a different society to protect indigenous people, they slowly started to …show more content…

Corn was associated with indians and therefore seen as inferior while wheat associated with europeans was considered superior. This cultural struggle was encompassed by the tortilla discourse. While some mexicans were adapting to some european ways, substituting corn for wheat was the hardest for Mexicans. The main reason Europeans launched this discourse was in order to create a wheat market in the country and put the rural workers into the market economy. Over time the discourse achieved its goal. Wheat consumption increased and more rural workers contributed to the market as a result. Europeans proposed that by creating a bigger market economy Mexico would become modernized like an ultimately

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