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Vicente Guerrero was an important part of the Mexican race. He abolished slavery and became the 2nd president of mexico. As standing president he “went on to champion the cause not only of the racially oppressed but also of the economically oppressed.”- Website 3 Vincent Ramón Gurrero Saldaña was born on august 10, 1782, in a small town called tixla. He died on February 14, 1831. He was known as a hero to his peers because he was the first African-Mexican president. He was known as a very generous, kind, and honorable/noble man. His parents were Pedro Guerrero (African-Mexican) and his mother was Guadalupe Sandra(native mexican) making him african-mexican. He grew up to be a Mexican soldier and later the 2nd president of Mexico in 1829, he acted right away and abolished slavery that same year on September 16th. He did not receive a formal education growing up, but he dedicated most of his time to farming. He also worked for his father, Pedro, as a mule driver to transport goods. Vicente was also known for his quote “Mi patria es primero” which translates to “ my homeland come first, which is now the motto for the state guerrero (which …show more content…

He dedicated his time to his family and his country. When he was young he didn't have a formal education, he spent his time farming and helping his father out. He helped his father by mule driving to sell goods. During his time driving he met general Jose Maria Morelos. He later joined Morelos and became a Mexican soldier, he was labeled a hero. Then in 1829 he became the 2nd president of Mexico but he is the first african-mexican president. After he was elected to be president he immediately knew what he had to do. So later that year he fought to abolish slavery in Mexico and he succeeded. The people loved him as their president and were very grateful to have him, they even named their state after him and made their motto one of his phrases “mi patria es primero” which means “my homeland comes

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