Matthew Campos Period 3.2 Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

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Matthew Campos Period 3 #2 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a very famous Spanish Conquistador. He was a very important explorer and was a famous man in his town of Mexico City. He explored many places and discovered many things. He was also the governor of a Mexican Province. Friar Marcos de Niza returned hoe to Mexico City from a long journey. He claimed to have seen Cibola, which was one of the Seven Cities of Gold. He and Coronado, along with their men, set out on an expedition to find the seven cities. They followed many Indian trails and pathways along the journey. They stumbled upon a pueblo of Hawikuh, home to the Zuni people. The Zuni’s began the flea from the more powerful Spanish guns. Coronado commanded the …show more content…

Yet, they still have not found any gold along the trip. There was a city that was said to have treasures called, Quivira. So the men pushed in to Quivira. Unfortunately there was no gold there, either. They now returned home to Mexico City. After three years of expedition, the men have found no gold at all. Even though they found no gold, there were some upsides to Coronado’s journey. They found places like the Grand Canyon, which is now a historic landmark. They also found many other major physical landmarks that still stand today. They also clashed very violently with the local Indians that they encountered along the journey. When they returned to Mexico City, Coronado died in 1554. In conclusion, I think that the seven golden cities played a big role in the story of Francisco de Vasquez Coronado. Coronado was a great Spanish conquistador and did many great things throughout his lifetime. He was a governor of a Mexican province as well as was a great explorer. In my eyes, I think that Coronado is one of the greatest Spanish Conquistadors to ever live. He went on long expeditions and made some great discoveries along the way. He ran into the Grand Canyon and the Colorado

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