Informative Speech About Mexican Culture

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I remember as a child being told these absurd stories that had been passed on from generation to generation, Myths if you will. Where there were so realistic and full of detail that I too began to start thinking it could possibly be true, but I didn’t want to put that illusion in my head that it was all true. So I associated them as being nothing more than a fantasy. Now the thing with some of these stories are they can be pretty intense to the point of being traumatized. Topic Disclosure Today I will be talking about legends in Mexico, and what they tell us about Mexican culture itself and the tradition as well as the importance behind them. Audience Link Some people Don’t see much importance of being informed about these legends, because many will see them as a made up fantasy in ones head. Nevertheless you may never know for sure when you might come across with something similar to it. Preview During this speech I am going to share with you; what legends are along with a commonly told legend that has survived many decades. What are legends? Legends are stories that have some type of basis in reality, and normally told to try and persuade people to stop doing something that would put them or others around them in harm 's way. Comm 101 informative speech (Legends of Mexico) Page 3 1.) Nevertheless there are many forms in which this legend has been told, when comparing these legends to one another according to Paulette Atencio Author of “Cuentos From My Childhood”

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