Use Of Myths In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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A myth is a false belief or idea. It is usually held within an old traditional story or it is a way to explain a natural or social phenomenon, typically involving supernatural creatures or events. Myths are stories of transformation. Many people are surprised to learn that ancient myth was often at least as violent, if not more so, than the mayhem of our modern fantasies. For example, The Godfather, and its companion, Godfather II, have been justly praised for excellence in such technical matters as acting and direction; their popularity is enhanced by less pleasant preoccupations: a lust for violence accentuated in recent years; an obsession with the details of organized crime; a cynical belief that only small distinctions separate lawless behavior from ordinary business practice. …show more content…

These reasons explain the film's mythic content. Usually, myths are seen more to be used in scary films. However, it is used in many other genres of film.In Coppola’s film, Bram Stoker’s Dracula the myths are portrayed in many ways. Dracula created myths that are easier to believe because they contain partial truths, although they quickly begin to enable improbabilities and impossibilities. For example, the romance portrayed in the movie has some truths, but it’s artificial. The romantic myth in this story is shown how Dracula dies on behalf of his wife’s suicide to be able to come from the dead and can reconnect with his wife, this is what we call reincarnation. This belief is brought to life in the move. However, vampires are also a mythical

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