Descriptive Essay On Taco

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Delicious Tacos! Have you ever walked into a restaurant where before you reach to open the door you can smell the food, making your stomach grumble and your taste buds excite. If your really hungry you can even pick out the different condiments customers place in their dishes. Well that is what happens to me when I enter a “Taqueria” or a Mexican restaurant. When you enter you can smell the seasoned meat mixed with hot spices and “tortillas”. For me, a true Mexican Taco consists of meat, corn tortillas, and condiments like onions, lime, cilantro, maybe chiles, and either a special green or red sauce (salsa). Now, you may ask, how did this famous dish came to be about? Well that’s where it becomes interesting; tacos were made as a way to make money in Mexico which lead to the spread of this cuisine from Latin American to the United States and caused a modification in the cuisine in order to fulfill other cultures in their preferences. For instance, I’ve visited Guerrero, Mexico twice; one time alone and the second time with my sister and my cousins. The first night I got to Mexico it was dark, and the only “stores” open at 8pm or 9pm were “Taquerias” or Mexican restaurants. Once I received an order of tacos, I immediately noticed a difference. The size of the tortilla was smaller compared to the size of the tacos given in the Taquerias of Chicago. I noticed that most Mexican restaurants were family businesses. According to the Mexican Encyclopedia, “Many [...] women

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