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My mother and sisters cook the enchiladas. They do the majority of the work such as dishes. This process reinforces traditional family roles. This leaves more time for the men to relax. We are quite lucky. To start off, they cook the chicken and roast the green chilies. Then they sauté the onions and garlic. In the same pan they put cream of mushroom soup, pieces of the shredded chicken breast, and chopped green chilies. My sister usually adds some milk into mixture as well. They then take corn tortilla and lightly toast them in a skillet. They take the tortillas out and put the ingredients inside along with a little cheddar cheese. Then, they roll the enchiladas and place them upon a cookie sheet. The steps are repeated until the cookie sheet is filled with enchiladas. …show more content…

They also place cheese there and put the enchiladas in the oven so they can cook and the cheese can melt. It usually takes around 15 minutes. They are served with a side of refried beans and Spanish rice. First, my family boils the beans for hours with a little garlic and onions. When the beans are cooked my sister removes them from the water. Then my mother adds vegetable oil and mashes the beans on medium heat. Once the process is complete they are refried beans. To prepare the rice they set the stove the medium high heat. They heat the olive oil and add one cup of rice along with garlic and diced onions. It is all sautéed in the pan until the rice begins to brown. Then two cups of water are added along with 3-4 ounces of tomato sauce. My mother also add in salt, pepper, and chicken bouillon seasoning. Then they bring the liquid to a boil. After the liquid is at a boil they reduce the heat to medium. Once the heat has been reduced it is covered to simmer for twenty minutes. After the time has passed they let it sit five or ten minutes until all the moisture has been absorbed. Then my mother fluffs it with a fork and serves

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