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Erik Alvarez Professor Bogusky December 02, 2015 INTRODUCTION Hello everyone, one of my earliest memories that I have from school is from my first day of kindergarten. I remember walking into my ESL, english as a second language class, & instantly being questioned as to why I was in there. My fellow classmates assumed I was asian because of how I looked and teased me to the point of tears. In reality, I am of Guatemalan origin. When you think of Guatemala, you might think of all the bad stuff the media only covers, like the violence or drug cartels. It is more than that, and I’m here today to share more information about the old country and inform you guys on Guatemala’s history, culture, and it’s natural beauty. BODY 1. History - Let’s …show more content…

Many people will still dress the way their ancestors did, and carry on the traje, which is what their outfits are …show more content…

Although In more developed cities, the citizens forgo these traditional wear for a more western style. Not only are our clothing very expressive, so is our food and taste. ▸ The Food: Guatemalan food has to be one of my favorite foods ever. My mom’s cooking is the best. Many Traditional Guatemalan foods are based on Mayan Cuisine, which features ingredients like corn, chilies, and beans. Almost all the dishes incorporate some form of black beans, tortillas, and a side dish. Whether it is eggs & cream for breakfast or sopa de pollo for lunch. ▸ Yummy Tamales: Tamales are a popular dish in Guatemala. They are made of masa and are steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. ▸ How to MakeTamales: Tamales can be made from many ways. You can choose to have a dough from corn or potatoes, include only meat, vegetables, or both, and finally choose what you want it wrapped in, like leaves or husks. What you do decide to wrap it affects the flavor in the end. When the tamales are wrapped in cornhusks, they resemble tamales from Mexico, & are called

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