Puerto Rican Culture

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Word of advice, never in your life mess up a Latinos race. For the Hispanic culture it's a huge offense, almost a crime when you call someone the wrong race. When most people glance at me, there first guess of my ethnicity is Mexican and there not wrong, but I'm also Puerto Rican. I have what is called the best of both worlds. By far the greatest combination of all time in my opinion. The family is huge, food is amazing, morals are advised, and as family we are culturally different. When it comes to family size my fathers (Mexican) side is massive. My dad came from a family of 9. I know this number sounds ridiculous and out of control but in Mexico you need a big family to survive. See my dad came from the bottom, he dropped out of middle …show more content…

Both Mexicans and Puerto Ricans food have mouth watering, finger sucking, to die for meals. When coming home to eat a something I’ve never been let down. My mom cooks various styles of food but when she makes her Puerto Rican Chicken and rice, you know I'm going to bed, happy and full. I honestly am amazed of how many different types of simple but so delicious meals that the Puerto Rican culture has produced. You can find anything your taste buds desire when eating Puerto Rican food from sweet, bitter, mild, fresh, fried, and baked. On the other hand you have Mexican food usually spicy and most likely a bit salty. Still they have there amazing food as well but not a huge variety. Mexican uses a lot go vegetables when making food. It a great compliment to the saltiness of the meat they make, you can see this in the most popular food, tacos. Usually tacos are made with a corn tortilla with cut up steak, onions, cilantro, green salsa, avocado and any other toppings you prefer. Something so simple but at the same time so flavorful. When you have a hispanic person in the kitchen and your invited never turn down the offer, especially when Thanksgiving is around the

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