Genocide In Guatemala Essay

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Guatemala is located in Central America and was once heavily populated with the Mayan population. Ever since the Spaniards took over the land that the Mayans called theirs, the Mayans became enslaved in their home country and have been struggling to regain power ever since. For many years the people of Guatemala have been poorly treated and have been constantly fighting to keep their land against the government. Guatemala has been at civil war for a very long time due to economic and political inequalities which in turn lead to the Mayans protesting against the governments that were causing damage to their land. Although the Mayans believed that these protests would solve the issues that they were facing but in reality the government just invested …show more content…

The Canadian mining companies and the Guatemalan government targeted groups of people and individuals that were against the exploitation of land for mining purposes. It is believed that the Canadian mining companies are the children of genocide in Guatemala (lecture). Not only did the Mayans get cheated out of their land and had to suffer so that other organizations can grow economically, the people who are supposed to protect the population have now turned against their own people. It was later found that the head of state was responsible for this genocide and when he was on trial in Guatemala they let him free without warning. When the professor heard about all of the terror happening in Guatemala, she wanted to help the suffering population and has worked with the Mayans and the FAFG to report the incidents that occurred during the times of genocide and to help the population of Guatemala. The main issue that the professor tried to solve is figuring out what the Mayans are supposed to do when they get displaced from an area that they have been living in for their whole

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