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In recent years Guatemala has become one of the strongest economic performers in Latin America thanks to prudent macroeconomic management. Even with this happening it is just one of many countries that had an increase in poverty in this region in recent years. After a 36-year civil war this country made significant progress by achieving macroeconomic and democratic stability. With the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996, the country improved its access to international markets through trade agreements (Guatemala). Guatemala was among some of the first colonial conquest of the mainland. Pedro de Alvarado was sent in 1523 to take over this small area. In 1821 the colonist of Guatemala offered to combine with Mexico uniting as a single …show more content…

Guatemala 's year has an assortment of festivals, holidays, and celebrations. A few festivals are small and unique to a village. Other festivals are celebrated across the entire country. If it so happens that you 're around during a festival make sure to have plans to see it. They 're extremely colorful and festive affairs. September 15 is Guatemala 's independence day, and it 's celebrated just like any other holiday with music, food, fireworks, dancing, and parades. All Saints Day is celebrated throughout Guatemala on November 1st. one of the biggest festival is in the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán during which the men have a wild horse race. There is also a Guatemalan dish called fiambre during all Saints Day, but it 's only eaten during this festival. The Day of the dead takes place right after all Saints Day and is also celebrated across the whole country. On the Day of the Dead families head to local cemetery to mark the graves of departed family members with flowers and candles. Guatemala celebrates one of its unique holidays called Burning of the Devil on December 7th. Families all across Guatemala take burnable items and light them on fire in the streets. This ritual is used to cleanse the home as the family prepares for the holy week surrounding

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