Latin Kings Research Paper

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The Latin Kings are one of the most violent street gangs along with both the Bloods and the Crips. The Latin Kings originally were founded in the 1940's by a small group of Hispanics in the Chicago, Illinois area. They founded this gang to help the Hispanic community achieve a better way of life by preserving the Hispanic culture and promoting education. Unfortunately, the Latin Kings slowly started evolving as a criminal group and started spreading to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California. The Latin Kings use specific colors to identify themselves with other gangs, they have three commemorate days throughout the year, and have a specific religion. Initially, Latin Kings use specific colors to identify themselves with other gangs. Instead of having well-known colors that everybody uses on an everyday basis. The …show more content…

To them, they are killing what they believe is disrupting the peace of the Hispanic community, which is the black part of their attire. Along with killing what they believe that is not correct, they also think that they are bringing life to the unknown. To them, gold is seen as life, because gold can represent money or it can represent a better future. They believe that what they are doing now will help and benefit the Latin community in the nearby future.
Furthermore, just like people who are involved in a religion have specific holidays dedicated, the Latin Kings also have specific holidays or commemorate days to celebrate. These commemorate days are Kings Holy Day, King's Week of Sun-, and the Week of Blood. The Kings Holy Day which is on January 6th is also known as El Dia De Los Reyes (Day of the Kings). On this day Latin King “...gang members fast to honor ‘the memory of departed

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