World History 1600-1650 Research Paper

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World History 1600-1650 The world has been in a huge number of wars. Wars could be deadly.Between the years of 1600-1650 , there were a lot of wars, religious conflicts and science developments. One of the most famous wars in this time was the war which started in 1600 and lasted around 30 years and it´s called ¨The Thirty Years War¨. The thirty years war was a series of brutal , bloody , and a very deadly wars that took place mostly in Central Europe and it is seen as one of longest and most destructive conflicts in European history. This series of wars started for various reasons including religious, dynastic, territorial, and commercial rivalries. Another fundamental war that happened in this time was the Safavid and Ottoman war and it was the last of a series of conflicts and wars that have been fought between the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today) and Safavid Persia (Iran …show more content…

One of those developments is the invention of the refracting telescope by Hans. Hans Lippershey also known as Johann Lippershey invented the telescope in 1604. The telescope is basically an instrument that makes far objects become much nearer and it is used by astronomers to see the universe and study stuff about it. Another main invention is the invention of the air pump by Otto von Guericke. The air pump is used to fill stuff like a bike with air. Also , one of the most important invention in that time is the invention of an adding machine that has been created by a Frenchmen by the name of Blaise Pascal. The adding machine is a type of mechanical machine that have been usually used for bookkeeping. Blaise Pascal , the inventor, is physicist, mathematician, inventor, writer and a Christian philosopher. He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father, and his father was a tax collector in Rouen (port in Northern

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