The Pros And Cons Of War

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“We all say not war, we are all for justice and peace. But sometimes in order to maintain peace, armed action is necessary. But we hope it won’t be the case"-by Silvio Bersuconi. This quote was said by former Italian Prime Minister who spoke about war. War has been a problem since human was created on this planet. War is a part of history and it is still going on. World War I and II, Cold War, Civil War in Somalia, Afghanistan, many wars has happen and still going on. And all the war expect cold war involves death. Therefore, war brings us mass death, destruction, and ruins the daily life. Numbers of wars happened all around the globe and most of them involves mass death. There are hundred, thousand and more local and soldiers died from battles in the war. 405,399 Americans soldiers died during World War II. This number is just only American soldier. According to Frontline, 81,936 Afghanistan civilians died from an aerial bombardment by America. This is way too many innocent people are dying. The other example would be war involving drugs. Mexican drug war is a war battled against Mexican Mafia and the government. Mafia tried independent as a country and government tries to stop it. There is a fact that there were wars lead to independence, or revolutions of a country. The most famous war is the Revolutionary War happened in U.S in 1775. The war was people who lived in 13 Colonies stand up and fought for independence. Even though, the independence was
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