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  • Popes Challenges

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    The Popes of the sixth and seventh centuries were faced with various challenges, both religious and secular. In this era, the collapse of the Roman Empire in the west was occurring and so the west was in dismay. This allowed the Catholic Church to gain influence but with problems occurring along the way. There were four main challenges of which the Popes had to overcome; The primacy of Rome within Christian World, control of the western church and its secular administration, imperial medalling and

  • Pope Julius II

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    The pope that I want to introduce is Pope Julius II. He is famous among hundreds of pope because he doesn’t take care of his spiritual pursuits very much. Instead of that, he contributed to the war and the western art at that time. He is famous also because he is apart from the corruption, and he has an extremely bad temper. He always lost his self control and be rude too. According to all of these distinctive descriptions, he makes me interested in him, and anxious to learn deeper now. Julius II’s

  • Pope Miltiades Research Paper

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    “POPE MELCHIADES/ MILTIADES” (311-314). “Miltiades, Saint, POPE. The year of his birth is not known; he was elected pope in either 310 or 311; died 10 or January 11, 314. ” Miltiades (the name is also written Melchiades), a “native of Africa”, was elevated to the papacy.” (The Original Catholic Encyclopedia). Miltiades was a native of Africa who was officially elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 311 AD and he served on the papacy as the thirty second pope in the Roman Church for three

  • Pope Francis: How Does The Pope Impact Your Faith?

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    How does the Pope impact your faith? The Pope can do certain deeds to others that make you grow in faith. The Pope that impacts my faith is Pope Francis. Pope Francis impacts my faith because he keeps the church as one body of christ. Keeping the church as one body of christ means he is a follower of Jesus and will look after us. When he shows that the church is still holy it impacts my faith because it means I could impact the church and keep it holy and become closer to God because of keeping the

  • Pope Francis Research Paper

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    Keely Anderson Essay Topic #1- Comparing & Contrasting Popes RELI 220.01 Wednesday Spring 2016 Dr. Karin Heller Word Count = 974 A Pope for a Better World Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis, while similar in many areas, such as the way they integrated into the community, carried out their roles as the pope differently, especially in regards to how they viewed and treated people, what they thought the church should encourage and teach, and particularly in how they felt about women in the church

  • Pope Francis Research Paper

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    Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now more commonly known as Pope Francis, was born on December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to an Italian family. He graduated as a chemical technician and later became part of the Society of Jesus in 1958. Bergoglio was a literature and psychology teacher at Immaculate Conception College in New Mexico and at the Colegio del Salvatore in Argentina and earned his own college degrees in theology from colleges in the Philippines and Germany. Bergoglio began his life of

  • Pope Martin V's Achievements

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    Pope Martin V was born in 1368 in Genazzano, Italy. His original name was Oddo or Oddone Colona. He was a cardinal subdeacon who helped organize the Council of Pisa in 1409. He was unanimously elected pope in a conclave held during the Council of Constance. He faced enormous difficulties during his papacy, because he had to restore the western church and the Papal States. Pope Martin V died on February 20, 1431. Pope Martin V had many different achievements and events that he was a part of.

  • Pope Gregory Research Paper

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    in the sixth century, Pope Gregory VII tried to reform the church in the eleventh century. During his first synod in 1074 C.E., Gregory " decreed that no one could be admitted to orders without a vow of celibacy and that the laity was forbidden to attend the services of an unchaste priest, deacon, or subdeacon." This statement stemmed from the pope 's ability of his plenitudo potestatis or fullness of power. The pope would have this authority, because the position of the pope marks a lineage that

  • Pope Leo X: Indulgences And Relics

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    Pope Leo X was the current Pope during Martin Luther’s time. Pope Leo was born in 11th December, 1475. As Leo grew up, him and his brother Pietro was taught by their father in arts who was the ruler of Florence. On the 9th of March, 1513, Leo was ordained as Pope. While Leo was Pope, he knew that he had a lot of power over people and knew that they would listen to everything that he says. So he took his power to his advantage and told everyone to buy Indulgences for your late family members and

  • Pope Innocent III: The First Crusade

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    In 1095, Pope Urban II called the Council of Clermont to enact important reforms in the Roman Catholic Church. At that council, he gave a speech in which he challenged the lords of Europe to combine their forces to reclaim the Holy Land from its Muslim conquerors. In 1096, a French monk named Peter the Hermit pulled together a disorganized army of peasants and soldiers with his fiery sermons. Together, they plunged eastward toward Constantinople in what came to be known as the People’s Crusade

  • Paradoxical Language In Pope Urban II

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    Although Pope Urban II’s sermon was split into many accounts, they all share similar literary qualities. Accounts of the Pope’s speech include exaggerations of non-Christian brutality, allusions to holy figures, and paradoxical language to justify the call to crusade. Many of the recounts of Pope Urban II’s speech include language that demonizes non-Christians by exaggerating the behaviors of some of the opposing non-Christians. For example, Robert the Monk’s account describes Persians to, “circumcise

  • Pope Francis: Alien To The United States

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    their religion; some people do not have a religious preference. Pope Francis has defined the government as a parent who does not punish their child for being disobedient. Pope Francis as an alien to the United States does not know the normality’s that we have. Pope Francis makes many critical points summing up to how citizens of the United States need to change some things, but everything cannot be changed very dramatically and rapid. Pope Francis expects the government to change the citizen’s

  • Pope Urban II: The First Crusades

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    Pope Urban II is without a doubt the reason why the The First Crusades started. It was through his deliberate actions and monumental speech that a spark was created and would end up leading to the crusades. His words and authoritative position within the Church are also important to recognize for they had a huge influence on the attitudes and direction that The First Crusades took. The impact of this speech is especially relevant when it comes to Stephen the Count of Blois and Chartres who took the

  • Raphael's Letter To Pope Leo X Essay

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    Raphael’s letter to Pope Leo X on Architectural drawing Raphael an Italian painter and Architect of the Renaissance period wrote a letter to Pope Leo X expressing his anger at the state of the ‘great, noble city, once queen of the world’, Rome, as being ‘cruelly butchered’. In the letter Raphael makes clear his dissatisfaction to a number of things that relate to the state the Ancient structures which lay in. He pleads with Pope Leo X to take the issue of protecting these ruins as they were the

  • Pope Urban's Importance Of The Church During The Crusades

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    To compose an army, Pope Urban not only acted based on the importance of the king but also because he knew he could use his relationship with religion to dictate people (lecture). Pope Urban told the people that if they fought, they would be saved from all their sins. This statement pushed people to do participate in the war because if they didn’t, the Pope was essentially declaring they would not get into Heaven. (lecture). Unfortunately

  • How Did Pope Urban II Changed Europe

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    shall wear the sign of the cross of the Lord on his forehead or on his chest”-Pope urban II (Directed at the Crusades) Pope Urban II was a famous pope who initiated the crusades in 1095. Urban II was the pope who influenced many European and French people to join him on his crusade to win back the Holy Land. This essay will prove why the pope changed Europe for the better and what impact he had on the crusades. Pope Urban II was born in 1035 in France. He was born into a wealthy, noble family. From

  • Pope Francis Research Paper

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    Kaiwen Chen Mr. Chartier 25 October 2015 Mod G Pope Francis is Argentine, he was in 1300 to the first non-European nationals Pope, he has publicly strongly against same-sex marriage, he believes gay marriage trying to destroy God's plan. Pope Francis is a chemical engineering graduate, but chose the priestly life, into the capital of Villa Devoto seminary study, become Jesuit novices. He returned to Buenos Aires in Chile after the completion of the humanities, obtaining a degree in philosophy

  • Why Did Pope Urban II Encourage The Crusades?

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    Toynbee said, “Sooner of later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God.” In regards to the Crusades, Pope Urban II chose to worship his own power – yet he got thousands of Europeans to worship the power of God. The Crusades were a series of campaigns in which Europeans tried to take the Holy Land from Muslims. Pope Urban II headed the First Crusade, which lasted from 1096 to 1099, after he received a request for military aid from Alexios I. Alexios I was the

  • How Did Pope Innocent III Turned The Fourth Crusade?

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    In 1198, Pope Innocent III preached the Fourth Crusade to reinstate Christian lands and recapture Jerusalem. Under Innocent III, for the first time in the history of the Crusades, the pope taxed the church in order to collect money for the war. In this Crusade, advocates followed Richard the Lionheart’s procedure and travel by sea rather than by land. As a result, crusaders leased vessels from Venice. Instead of going to the Holy Land, the Crusaders attacked Zara and Constantinople in order to

  • Alexius I Comenus Response To Pope Urban II

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    Emperor Alexius I Comenus has asked Pope Urban II to help aid in the defense of the Byzantine Empire in 1095. The Pope has agreed and is meeting with the Council of Clermont in hopes of uniting the lords across Europe. We have updated information that military action will be taken to regain control of the Holy Land from who the Pope refers to as the "infidels". A French monk by the name of Peter the Hermit has responded to Pope Urban II 's call of arms. With a ragtag army of peasants and soldiers