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  • Compare And Contrast Pope Gregory And Pope Regori

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    King Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII held polar opposite views on the authority of the papacy and imperial power of the state. King Henry held the view that the secular government had legal control over the church, which gave him the ability to appoint layman to provide investitures to the clergy. Pope Gregory held the view that the Pope held sole power over the church. The reason why Pope Gregory held this view was, according to church teaching, God had given St. Peter the keys to heaven, and this

  • Pope Julius II

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    The pope that I want to introduce is Pope Julius II. He is famous among hundreds of pope because he doesn’t take care of his spiritual pursuits very much. Instead of that, he contributed to the war and the western art at that time. He is famous also because he is apart from the corruption, and he has an extremely bad temper. He always lost his self control and be rude too. According to all of these distinctive descriptions, he makes me interested in him, and anxious to learn deeper now. Julius II’s

  • Pope Miltiades Research Paper

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    “POPE MELCHIADES/ MILTIADES” (311-314). “Miltiades, Saint, POPE. The year of his birth is not known; he was elected pope in either 310 or 311; died 10 or January 11, 314. ” Miltiades (the name is also written Melchiades), a “native of Africa”, was elevated to the papacy.” (The Original Catholic Encyclopedia). Miltiades was a native of Africa who was officially elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 311 AD and he served on the papacy as the thirty second pope in the Roman Church for three

  • Pope Martin V's Achievements

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    Pope Martin V was born in 1368 in Genazzano, Italy. His original name was Oddo or Oddone Colona. He was a cardinal subdeacon who helped organize the Council of Pisa in 1409. He was unanimously elected pope in a conclave held during the Council of Constance. He faced enormous difficulties during his papacy, because he had to restore the western church and the Papal States. Pope Martin V died on February 20, 1431. Pope Martin V had many different achievements and events that he was a part of.

  • Pope Francis Research Paper

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    Keely Anderson Essay Topic #1- Comparing & Contrasting Popes RELI 220.01 Wednesday Spring 2016 Dr. Karin Heller Word Count = 974 A Pope for a Better World Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis, while similar in many areas, such as the way they integrated into the community, carried out their roles as the pope differently, especially in regards to how they viewed and treated people, what they thought the church should encourage and teach, and particularly in how they felt about women in the church

  • Pope Gregory Research Paper

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    in the sixth century, Pope Gregory VII tried to reform the church in the eleventh century. During his first synod in 1074 C.E., Gregory " decreed that no one could be admitted to orders without a vow of celibacy and that the laity was forbidden to attend the services of an unchaste priest, deacon, or subdeacon." This statement stemmed from the pope 's ability of his plenitudo potestatis or fullness of power. The pope would have this authority, because the position of the pope marks a lineage that

  • Pope Leo X: Indulgences And Relics

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    Pope Leo X was the current Pope during Martin Luther’s time. Pope Leo was born in 11th December, 1475. As Leo grew up, him and his brother Pietro was taught by their father in arts who was the ruler of Florence. On the 9th of March, 1513, Leo was ordained as Pope. While Leo was Pope, he knew that he had a lot of power over people and knew that they would listen to everything that he says. So he took his power to his advantage and told everyone to buy Indulgences for your late family members and

  • Pope Innocent III: The First Crusade

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    In 1095, Pope Urban II called the Council of Clermont to enact important reforms in the Roman Catholic Church. At that council, he gave a speech in which he challenged the lords of Europe to combine their forces to reclaim the Holy Land from its Muslim conquerors. In 1096, a French monk named Peter the Hermit pulled together a disorganized army of peasants and soldiers with his fiery sermons. Together, they plunged eastward toward Constantinople in what came to be known as the People’s Crusade

  • Pope Francis's Impact On Religion Essay

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    How does the Pope impact your faith? The Pope can do certain deeds to others that make you grow in faith. The Pope that impacts my faith is Pope Francis. Pope Francis impacts my faith because he keeps the church as one body of christ. Keeping the church as one body of christ means he is a follower of Jesus and will look after us. When he shows that the church is still holy it impacts my faith because it means I could impact the church and keep it holy and become closer to God because of keeping the

  • Pope Urban II: The First Crusades

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    Pope Urban II is without a doubt the reason why the The First Crusades started. It was through his deliberate actions and monumental speech that a spark was created and would end up leading to the crusades. His words and authoritative position within the Church are also important to recognize for they had a huge influence on the attitudes and direction that The First Crusades took. The impact of this speech is especially relevant when it comes to Stephen the Count of Blois and Chartres who took the

  • Alexius I Comenus Response To Pope Urban II

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    Emperor Alexius I Comenus has asked Pope Urban II to help aid in the defense of the Byzantine Empire in 1095. The Pope has agreed and is meeting with the Council of Clermont in hopes of uniting the lords across Europe. We have updated information that military action will be taken to regain control of the Holy Land from who the Pope refers to as the "infidels". A French monk by the name of Peter the Hermit has responded to Pope Urban II 's call of arms. With a ragtag army of peasants and soldiers

  • Pope Alexander's Role In Politics

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    Borja y Doms, more commonly known as Pope Alexander IV, mastered the art of ruling Christians spiritually, while maintaining order in the church. During his papacy Pope Alexander was flawed in setting and example for others to follow. Although he did many things popes generally shy away from such as allowing his children to have an advantage in politics, and bribery, Pope Alexander used his power and motivation to make a name and place for the Catholic Church. Pope Alexander IV created political policies

  • Pope Ali Agca Contribution

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    because you do not deserve to carry hate in your heart. The Polish Karol Wojtyla, most known as Pope John Paul II, became the leader of the Catholic Church and supreme ruler of the Vatican City between 1978 and 2005. On October 16th, 1978, he became the 263th successor of Saint Peter, the first Slavic Pope in History. He directed the Catholic Church until April 2nd, 2005, when he died at the age of 84 years. Pope John Paul II is considered as one of the most important and prominent leaders in the XX Century

  • How Did Pope Niccolo III Influence Dante's Inferno

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    condemned Pope Niccolo III (Giovanni Gaetano Orsini - member of the prominent Orsini family from Rome) to spend eternity in the Third Bolgia of the Eighth Circle, headfirst in a hole, whose punishment was due to those who committed simony, such as greed for power and other ecclesiastical crimes. In a first time Pope Niccolo' III had been appointed head of the Inquisition as Giovanni Gaetano Orsini (1282), and only after his election as Pope (1277), he took name Nicholas III. This Pope is remembered

  • Pope John Paul's Fides Encyclical Letter

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    “Faith sharpens the inner eye, opening the mind to discover in the flux of events the workings of Providence. Here the words of the Book of Proverbs are pertinent: The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps” (John Paul pg. 16). Pope John Paul II explains that faith and reason go hand in hand. Faith does not reduce the autonomy of reason, but reminds people who is at work, causing the events that we attempt to break down with reason: God of Israel. He then goes on to explain how

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Pope John Paul 2

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    Many people are advocates for humane human rights, Pope John Paul being one of them. The holocaust was not humane. More than 11 million people were killed during the holocaust, six million of them being jews and 1.1 million of them being children(online). As a child, Pope John Paul remembers neighbors and friends being taken away to camps(online). Pope John Paul II’s speech is an inspiring piece of writing, and moves the reader through repetition, quotes from the bible, and personal experiences to

  • Pope Francis's Contribution To The Catholic Church

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    Pope Francis is the progressive Pope who wants to create long lasting change in the Catholic church. Human rights are defined as being able to be applied to all humans in one way or another. Human rights umbrella all the people on this planet, and should never discriminate based on gender, or race. The topic of human rights also embodies the right to food, and should never be looked down upon due to poverty or inequality. Human rights can be defined in multiple ways, but anything that can keep the

  • Pope Francis The Joy Of Love Analysis

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    One of Pope Francis’s recent post-synodal apostolic exhortation publications, Amoris Laetitia, reflects the views of both himself and the Catholic Church regarding “The Joy of Love” among relationships and families. One of the most prominent themes presented in his lengthy document concerns the topic of marriage. It includes insights from the Synod of Bishops on the family and bishops’ conferences from around the world, suggesting common views on the church’s teaching of marriage, while also emphasizing

  • Pope's Attitude Is Little Different Than His Predecessors Analysis

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    that Pope Francis is a leader to us here in the US and across the nation. But recently allegations regarding sex abuse have been pinned onto the Pope’s name, creating a whirlwind of questions about his position as a Pope. The accusations are causing an uproar in Vatican City, Europe. In regards to that area, a law is put in place stating that any or all sexual abuse cases outside of the Vatican City will not be held responsible. Although these accusations are directly related with the Pope, he seems

  • How Did Urban II Influence Society

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    Urban II was the pope from 1088 to 1099 when he died. His role in society was important because he set the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church. He influenced many other clerics and noblemen to stick up for Christian faith, so the Catholics could get what they truly deserved out of this world. Urban II’s greatest accomplishment was the crusades. Europe’s economy deeply excelled during these years, which turned this country into an economic role model. This religious dispute encouraged noblemen