Revolutionary War: Was Elizabeth I A Politique

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1. Politique were rulers in the 16th and 17th century who put the success and good of their state above everything else. That includes over their religion. Henry of Navarre was a politique because he put the politics of the country before his religion. He converted to Catholicism just so he could be taken more seriously at masses. Also, he passed the Edict of Nantes just so Protestants have freedom to believe whatever they want. Elizabeth I is a politique because she formed peace between the Protestants and Catholics. She repealed the anti- Protestant legislation of Mary Tudor, and guided England to where they can settle their religious differences. Despite what her religion was, Elizabeth I put everything behind her and focused on the good of her country. Both Elizabeth I and Henry of Navarre put politics and the success of the country before their religion. 2. The Thirty Years’ War was a very destructive conflict in Europe. The reason for this war was religious and political differences. The map of present day Europe is now this way because of the …show more content…

Peter the Great did a lot to help Russia become a great power. It took him his whole 40 years to do this for Russia. The main goal for Peter in order to make Russia a great power was to westernize it. He thought if you modernize the country then the country would be strong. Peter wanted to have a capital near the water so the navy would be strong and it would be easier for trade. He had an army of over 100,000 men. So Peter went to war with the Ottoman Empire wanting access to the Baltic Sea and warm-water ports. He won, so he named St. Petersburg Russia’s new capital, which is right next to the water. This allowed Russia to strengthen their navy, which is exactly what happened. Lastly, Peter the Great expanded Russia’s borders by gaining control of the warm-water ports, Poland, parts of Austria, and Manchuria all with treaties or war. Peter did his best to help Russia emerge as a great power, and he

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