What Was Peter's Influence On Russia

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Peter l took the Russian throne in 1682 at the age of 10. However he didn’t take control of the government until 1689 at the age of 17. The country was poor and in ruins because it was going through the “ Times of Troubles”. This was a terrible period for Russia because it was a time that consisted of disorder and foreign invasions. The country had a weak military, bad education, a weak economy, and Russia was not progressing as much as it’s opposing countries. Under the institution of policies and the guidance of Peter l the country flourished, This is why Peter l received the nickname Peter the Great. While other countries like France and England were becoming modern with their government tactics and technologies, Russia stayed as it …show more content…

The things Peter brought back from the West or the things he adapted really did improve the country. Like the teachers helped improve the level of education and the use of a newspaper helped the civilians receive information. Peter also did manage to centralize the royalty. By the end of Peter’s rule the government controlled almost everything. He also drastically improved the trading system. Having a warm water port year round had a huge impact on Russia’s import and export rate. This provided the country with many new trading opportunities. Peter after a long time did manage to strengthen the country’s army. By doing so he was able to conquer many areas like territory along the Baltic Sea. Towards the beginning of Peter's rule in 1695 the country’s army included around 30,000 men, by 1675 the Russian army had 300,000 strong army men. (Source #4). Peter helped modernize the country.He instituted new technologies and ideas that were used by Western Europe. Peter did big things to help the country, like bring in teachers and technical experts. However, the small things he did also had a big effect on the modernization of the country like institue the Julian

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